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After the international success of Rashtraputra, the legendary film company Bombay Talkies is all set to release another masterpiece in Tamil titled as Rajyaveeran. The film revolves around the protagonist, Aazaad and his inspiration, the messiah and greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad.

The film is written, directed and acted by military school alumnus & filmmaker Aazaad who had recently received enormous appreciation from the audience as well as critics after the magnificent triumph of the film – Rashtraputra, which was released on 2nd November 2018. The mega venture Rashtraputra was recently screened at the very deemed event in the world at 72nd Festival De Cannes 2019 and earned huge respect at the arena. The film gathered huge critical acclaim from the global audience.

Bombay Talkies had a long tradition to promote, project and protect the regional values, art and culture across the nation. Bombay Talkies had introduced so many timeless talents of the South India. Bombay Talkies created the historic platform to establish the legends like Gemini Ganesan, LV Prasad, SS Vasan and many more, who took Tamil film industry to pinnacle. During the golden era, under the command of cinematic giant Rajnarayan Dube, Bombay Talkies Had Produced 116 films, distributed 260 films, launched over 280 Legends, constructed over 400 Cinema Halls and Financed more than 700 Films.  Now in this 21st century the innovative and nationalist filmmaker Aazaad is all set to pay his emotions and attachment to the Tamil Art, Culture and Cinema through his magnum opus Rajyaveeran. Rajyaveeran is not merely a film but an instrument of art and culture to unite the north and south of India. The mega movie Rajyaveeran will cinematically project the pride and golden traditions and values of Tamil Culture.

The sensitive filmmaker Aazaad thinks, preaches and practices. His eternal, comprehensive, artistic thoughts in a loud and clear manner that the Indian movies are marked with several themes that have tried to awaken or evoke the patriotic sentiment amongst movie lovers. Across languages, the one theme that has never been out of vogue and would probably never be is nationalism, even though the word itself has changed textures many a time. Through the film Rajyaveeran, Aazaad is here to counter the devils with the weapon of nationalism and he is against of all kinds of slavery. The intense and new age filmmaker Aazaad has elaborately and comprehensively visualised the power of patriotism which is timeless and beyond any boundary. With the film like Rajyaveeran, Aazaad will address the question of patriotism’s place and identity in the contemporary society.

The remarkable film is produced by Kamini Dube who is among the most eminent female personalities, who encourages the real spirit in film making to unite the World Cinema by joining hands with legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies Studios. The film is presented by the pillar of Indian Cinema Rajnarayan Dube’, International Trust ‘Bombay Talkies Foundation’, ‘Vishwa Sahitya Parishad’, ‘World Literature Organization and ‘Aazaad Federation’.


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